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July 31, 2012


Joe G

1) Fried PB&J
2) Chocolate dipped bacon
3) Fried mac 'n cheese
4) Fried Snickers bar
5) Reuben roll
6) Cheese curds


Wow, Joe, not bad! Unfortunately, you got one wrong. Guess again!

Joe G

Fried Milky Way?


I'm totally going off of Joe's:

1. Fried PB&J on a stick
2. Chocolate covered bacon on a stick
3. Fried mac n cheese
4. Fried Three Musketeers
5. Fried Ruben
6. Cheese curds


Too late, Amanda. Sorry!


I had no idea this would be so easy! You sure know your fried Fair foods, Joe. Congrats! You win a pair of tickets to the Wisconsin State Fair to discover even more of the yummy – albeit fatty – foods offered this year!



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